Production Team

Jeremy Hendrickson has been involved in virtually every aspect of media and entertainment through the years. A prolific writer with over 20 years of professional experience, he spent his early career as a journalist and editor, even lending his perspective as a guest panelist on PBS’s nationally syndicated The Jim Lehrer News Hour.

He later moved to the world of marketing, starting a full-service media agency providing web and design services along with audio and video production. He continues serving as a consultant, specializing in providing guidance to startups and nonprofits in defining and communicating their brand stories and cultivating a culture around their unique offerings.

Also an award-winning songwriter and musician, Jeremy has produced, performed, and recorded with Grammy award-winning industry talent and a host of A-list music industry veterans. As a composer, he has provided television themes and original songs to projects featured globally.

In television, he has extensive experience as a producer and creative director, developing and directing hundreds of weekly episodes for programs such as Latinas Hoy (Latin Women Today), a talk show viewed regularly by millions in Latin American countries worldwide.

He is currently creating and writing a number of original scripted series for American television as well as developing a slate of major motion pictures for international release.

Jeremy has two children with his wife of 25 years, Rebecca, who is a gifted singer-songwriter in her own right and works as a Special Education program manager.