Production Team

Bruce Spargo was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He followed a career in the Rhodesian Army where he attained the rank of sergeant in the Special Air Service (SAS). A 14-year stint as a commercial saturation diver then led him into the private security arena where he worked across the globe as a security consultant.

He then forayed into the film and television business and is an accomplished documentary producer. As a writer and producer, he has worked on projects ranging from Whispering the Wild, a documentary shot in Namibia for the Discovery Channel/Animal Planet, Phat Joe Live, a zany television talk show produced for South African broadcaster ETV for which he also executive produced, Kurdistan: The Other Iraq, a travel adventure documentary shot in northern Iraq, and Africam, a live-to-air television broadcast for MNET in which he also served as presenter.

He also produced Lords of War, a documentary pilot for Nat Geo depicting the ruthless side of business in reconstructing Afghanistan. Additionally, he is a producer and writer on Manzovo: Place of the Elephants, a feature documentary in development which depicts one man’s quest to raise awareness of the plight of the African elephant.

He is currently developing several projects for film, including At the Gates of Thunder and Blood Lily, as well as a slate of new projects for television.