About US


As every filmmaker knows, great films begin with great stories. And great stories begin with great ideas. That’s why Definitive Films is in the idea business. We encourage a free-flow of imagination throughout the conception phase and operate an “idea farm” of sorts, taking seeds of potential and cultivating them until they are ready to enter the world of project development.


During the development phase the story is fleshed out, as is the production team. Through this process, care is taken to ensure the integrity of the initial creative spark. Emphasis is placed on building upon the original inspiration and allowing the story to progress organically and dynamically. On the administrative side, wheels are set into motion to secure the resources and team members necessary to bring the project through the production process.


Here’s where the rubber meets the road. All cylinders are firing and the initial concept becomes a reality. During every step of the pre through post-production process, a small army of talented individuals work together to serve the story and bring it to life. In fact, the “magic” of filmmaking is truly not in any trickery or illusion, but in the spirit of human ingenuity and imagination which is on display when great people work together to tell great stories.