In Development

California is in crisis. The current historic drought coupled with years of neglect within the state’s water system infrastructure have resulted in a perilous scenario that threatens not only Californians but also the nation.

The warning signs of catastrophe are already upon us: water resources at all-time lows, fertile farmland laid waste, thousands of lost jobs, homes losing access to running water, costs skyrocketing, statewide rationing, threats of government surveillance and control, and more.

All the while, political leaders seem unwilling, corporate industry seems unaffected, and citizens feel unable to bring about the immediate changes needed to avert further hardship and evade impending disaster.

Inaction now will result in far-reaching economic and agricultural ramifications, the effects of which will be felt locally, nationally and even globally for generations to come.

Yet, history and water scarcity conditions worldwide demand that Californian’s act immediately with a strategic and unified approach to ensure the safety, health equity, and economic vitality of the state and the world it impacts.

However, this is not only a chance for California to rescue itself from the brink, but an opportunity for it to lead the world in an effort to bring an end to water woes. Reversing course, ending the current crisis, and ensuring the future stability and sustainability of its water systems, will not only save California, but can serve as a model to the world going forward. Innovation and determination in this state, at this moment can lead to a global initiative against water scarcity.

“The drought’s about to hit home.”

Intended Audience

Emphasis will be placed on creating not only a relevant call to action for modern audiences, but also an historical “time-capsule” piece which will serve future generations who desire to avoid finding themselves in such a crisis again. With a timeless approach, the impact of the documentary will not be affected by changes in the crisis prior to release.


  • To raise public awareness and shift social consciousness concerning California’s water crisis.
  • To reframe the issues and reshape the narrative surrounding the crisis to dispel myths and misinformation, and provide a clearer and more accurate representation of the real challenges facing Californians.
  • To awaken, inform, and inspire a new community of citizen stakeholders (within the state and beyond) to demand and initiate change.

Content Considerations

  • Give historical context to California’s current water crisis
  • Correct misconceptions about the state’s water usage (and waste)
  • Illustrate the implications of inaction and explore the potential for statewide calamity and its far-reaching impact
  • Gauge public knowledge of the crisis, both in and outside of California
  • Examine water crisis conditions worldwide, drawing parallels to appraise California’s situation
  • Expose barriers to progress, mismanagement of resources, misrepresentation of facts, and double standards which push us further toward catastrophe
  • Dramatically show the true-life stories of Californians currently feeling the devastating effects of the water crisis (covering both agricultural and urban individuals/families)
  • Propose solutions and encourage public participation in bringing about changes vital to a lasting remedy